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New Trend in Fractional

Property Ownership

South Africa is seeing renewed interest in a form of property investment: Fractional Ownership. This time in wildlife estates, specifically those close to the Kruger National Park, offering local & global investors the chance to own a piece of a pristine sanctuary in the bush. Many are predicting that this will be one of the major investment trends of 2023.

What is

fractional ownership?

Fractional ownership allows multiple parties to purchase and own a part of a single, managed property. By dividing the legal rights to the property into fractions, community ownership of a single residential or commercial space is possible, significantly reducing the financial burden.

Fractional ownership is not to be confused with timeshare or holiday rental agreements; the owner of each fraction legally owns (and can at any time sell) an appreciating asset but only pays their fraction of the costs of property.

Often, a fractional property is managed on behalf of the owners who share the cost thereof and avoid maintenance and other onerous responsibilities. This model offers all the enjoyment of a holiday home with none of the hassles. The management company will usually offer a rental service to shareholders who are unable to use their allocated time in a specific year.

Recently, fractional ownership has proved to be extremely successful in wildlife estates and game lodges, where the average price of property precludes most single individuals from being able to purchase outright. This model allows people to buy a share in the property, rather than incurring the full cost.

Besides enjoying all the benefits of ownership in a luxury estate, sharing that ownership with other investors facilitates access to expensive resources, such as experienced management teams, game guides, reputable staff and other top-notch service providers.

Perhaps the most important aspect is the legacy one creates for one’s family – there’s the appreciating asset, but there’s also a lifetime’s worth of incredible memories made in a secure wildlife estate. Of course, as an owner you can also share these experiences with the friends you host.

Fractional ownership in wildlife and eco estates is gaining popularity as it offers convenience, access to luxury facilities and, most significantly, high-value property investments at a comparatively small price.

Fractional ownership in

wildlife estates

Feeding into this trend is the emergence of the digital nomad who is able to leverage remote-working functionality from even the most isolated location, as long as there is good Wi-Fi. In the past, it was impossible for busy executives to take four weeks away from the office in the middle of the year. Now, you can conceivably join a Teams meeting from your deck above the hippos lolling in the Crocodile River or watch your Zoom colleagues’ eyes widen as a zebra wanders past your window.

Fractional ownership in South African wildlife estates has seen a dramatic increase in the past few years. It’s possible to invest in a fractional property in one of these luxury estates, and reap the rewards of being a part owner of a property that offers some of the most breath-taking wildlife experiences on the planet.

Investors looking for unique opportunities to diversify their portfolio, and those who want to secure future annual holidays in an exclusive estate in the African bush, would do well to consider shared block ownership at Shawu’s Hills Wildlife Estate.

The newest and one of the last developments lies 12km from the Crocodile Bridge Gate, at the southern border of the Kruger National Park with 6.5kn of river frontage and 338ha of untouched bush. There are Fractional Ownership Lodges available, each designed by Boss Architects to maximise the unique location, optimising views, natural light and the sense of space and place. The modern architectural aesthetic is perfectly suited to the bushveld setting, structurally complementing the environment, its textures and forms. Timber ceilings and screeded floors, bounded by floor-to-ceiling glass, open to large private verandas and the riverine vistas beyond. Villa 10 at Shawu’s Hills Wildlife Estate will be the first fractional ownership lodge to launch and promises to be nothing short of spectacular. Reservations are now open. Experience the unparalleled luxury and tranquillity of Villa 10.


The raw beauty of this African oasis will not only bring a sense of peace, relaxation and connection to nature, but also provides an opportunity to invest and build generational wealth. With fractional ownership, passionate outdoor enthusiasts and investors can have access to the Estate otherwise reserved for a select few.

Fractional ownership opportunities at Shawu’s Hills Wildlife Estate are available for as little as R1.5-million for two weeks, or the recommended R2.7 million for four weeks.

Experience living in proximity to a thriving and diverse landscape of flora and fauna, breath-taking views and exhilarating experiences. Both investors and holiday-seekers alike are set to benefit from this innovative investment model as the Estate begins to reach its full potential.

For more information, contact Lindi Le Grange: lindi@bluegrass1028.co.za or call 074 444 0178. Visit our Instagram at @Shawushillsestate or Facebook @shawus hills wildlife estate.